The Competition Entry System
A Major Upgrade!

The old competition entry system served us well and robustly for some 12 years, but with the various changes made to competitions and projection systems, for some time now it has been crying out for an upgrade and a tidy-up.

The new system is now active and clicking the button below will take you to it. You will need your forum user name and membership ID number to gain entry, so if you don't have them recorded somewhere (also it's on your name badge!), click this link and request them to be sent to your email address.

Technology being what it is and major upgrade that this is, we will have tested it thoroughly before going live. However, in view of the radical nature of the upgrade, we beg your patience and feedback if and when foibles expose themselves!

Further - if you have any suggestions which might improve the way this system works, we'd love to hear from you so please get in touch by clicking this link.