Request to have this banned from Competitions

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Request to have this banned from Competitions

Postby kimw » Fri Jun 09, 2023 9:33 am

Have a look at this , takes away the spirit of photography :roll: .
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Re: Request to have this banned from Competitions

Postby kimw » Mon Jun 19, 2023 6:20 pm

Just got this from an all members email from the RPS :)

Right attitude :)

Artificial Intelligence and the RPS
To RPS Members from the CEO

19 June 2023

It has been an exciting year so far, a year that has witnessed an explosion in activity, debate and controversy about the field of AI or Artificial Intelligence.

It seems like every day the news media carries yet another warning of the impending demise of humankind at the hands of our AI overlords - and yet some of the first practical applications of this revolutionary technology are being seen much closer to home, within our very own photographic community.

From the controversy at the Sony World Photography Awards to the launch of new image editing and generating applications and features (including in the ubiquitous Adobe Photoshop suite of products) it is clear that, whether the potential of AI excites or intimidates us, photography will never be quite the same.

That the RPS has a seat at the table and participates in the dialogue around AI seems to me entirely appropriate and consistent with our mission and heritage. That we need to give careful consideration of the impact these tools and capabilities will have on our beloved media also seems self-evident; I believe many of you feel the same way if the attendance and lively discussion around the Thames Valley AI event held last month is anything to go by.

As we begin to tackle this issue, the RPS is announcing a series of AI themed events and discussions to be held over the forthcoming summer months, culminating in an AI conference on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th October; to be held at RPS House.

To ensure we as a wider Society are aligned, we ask that starting from now any group or region considering an AI event to please work with us to optimize scheduling and content, so that the RPS can deliver a coordinated, diverse and engaging series of events. A list of the events currently planned will be available here shortly and will be updated as we go forward.

We will shortly provide more detail on the exact format and nature of the October conference (and would welcome any suggestions or thoughts you may have about that by contacting us at this address:

Finally, given the pace of development seen over the last few months, and the anticipated acceleration of new products to market, we felt it would be helpful to clarify in writing the position of the RPS in relation to AI and also provide some interim guidelines for the use of AI tools in the preparation of images for submission to exhibitions, competitions or distinctions.

These are interim guidelines only, to be applied for the remainder of 2023, and do not constitute an agreed or fixed position, but should help our creative community explore the application of this revolutionary tech, whilst preserving the heritage and fairness of our established processes. They should also provide the RPS and the photographic community with some much-needed breathing space to properly investigate, understand and adapt to the long-term implications of AI on our world.

RPS position on AI
AI image processing and manipulation has been part of camera and post-processing software for several years.
The recent development of advanced generative AI tools, where entirely new images or image elements are built at a pixel level using non-photographic processes, moves image-creation from photography to illustration.
The RPS believes images generated solely via AI are not photography as defined in its Royal Charter.
The RPS considers AI-enabled algorithmic automation of basic imaging processing (including exposure optimisation in-camera, the cloning of a background, or removal of subject elements), as being under the control of the photographer and represents an on-going evolution of long-standing capabilities.  
The RPS does not endorse the way some AI tools have been trained with datasets of photography without the permission of the rights owner. As part of a vibrant creative community, the RPS will continue to support the artistic, commercial and moral rights of all photographers, artists and creators. 
Establishing exactly what is and isn’t the product of AI will become increasingly hard to discern and will require ongoing consideration, transparency and discussion when reviewing work for Distinction submissions, exhibitions and competitions.

RPS guidelines on the use of AI for members
The RPS remains committed to the principle that photographs should be the original work of the creator(s), so entirely generative images, or images with material elements entirely generated by AI will not be permitted for Distinction submissions, exhibitions and competitions. What constitutes material in this context is a grey area, and something the RPS will continue to explore with its creative community.
The RPS will continue to accept the use of algorithmic processing in-camera or in post-processing software, which supports digital photography for Distinction submissions, exhibitions and competitions, on the condition that photographers are clear and open where such tools have been used. The RPS will trust in the integrity of its community but in certain circumstances may request further evidence in the form of RAW files or EXIF data, data, accepting that such evidence may itself not be definitive.
These principles and guidelines are effective for the remainder of 2023 only and do not constitute a final, fixed position; they will evolve as AI capabilities change and understating increases.
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Re: Request to have this banned from Competitions

Postby SimonP » Tue Jun 20, 2023 9:22 am

That final paragraph says it all I think Kim.
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