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Forum use and guidance

Postby admin2 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:28 pm

Welcome! This is the forum for members of the Beacon Camera Club. In it, you can view and respond to topics raised by club members and its committee. Also, you can create topics of your own for discussion on pretty much any matter relevant to the club and its activities. There is some help available under the FAQ button at the top of the screen. We haven't given explicit instructions for the functions on the forum as it's mainly self-explanatory - please experiment if you're not sure, or contact the forum administrator by sending a private message to member iant.

The main headings of the forum are created by admin but you can create any number of topics under those headings. If you think another heading is required, inform us with a post under the 'Club operation' heading.

Please note that this is a CLOSED forum: that is, registration of people outside the club is not allowed. Also, we don't allow anonymous use: if you aren't prepared to attach your identity to a post or a message, then don't use the forum! If you are a new, fully paid-up or 'remote' member of the club, you should receive a username and password when your membership is processed - if this doesn't happen within a week or so of joining, please contact so that we can chase it up. Trial members (i.e. those who are paying £2/night for sampler evenings) can read but not post topics or replies until they become full members.

You can edit your personal profile to include a signature and change your email address, upload an avatar, etc.. We recommend that you change your assigned password soon after you start using the forum. Also, there is a section to identify members against their forum names, with posts from members including pictures and other details of themselves.

You can send private messages to fellow members via the forum: please use this system rather than extend a topic or thread with personal responses to the original poster. As a guide, only post topics and replies that could be judged as being useful to other members.

Please keep your involvement within the domain of civility: the idea of the forum is to increase interaction between members and promote assistance with problems encountered. We will also use it for gleaning sentiment and suggestion from members to the committee. If you have any comments (or gripes!) then air your views here - this way everyone will get to contribute their tuppence-worth. By using the forum you agree that any views expressed are your own and that you accept full personal responsibility for any consequences attaching to your words.

Finally, the moderators reserve the right without notice to remove topics, posts or any words which are considered to be inappropriate or outside the realm of club activities.

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