Beacon Camera Club Presents

“STREET 2018”


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Sponsored by Lumix by Panasonic

£1000's worth of prizes to be won!

Prizes are provided by Lumix Cameras UK, our sole sponsor.

ALL proceeds go to the funds of Beacon Camera Club, a registered UK charity.

1st Prize

1st prize

2nd Prize

2nd prize

3rd Prize

3rd prize


Plus 7 runners up prizes of discount vouchers for 20% off Lumix kit!



Competition Entry Form

Use the form below to enter your details and upload your images. Each image entered will cost £1.50 payable via our secure payment provider, PayPal.
You can pay using your usual debit or credit card.

Please wait for all images to finish uploading, and ensure you add a title to each before submitting

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The Beacon International Street Competition 2018 Rules

1. General Conditions

1.1 In all matters relating to interpretation of these rules the decision of the management committee of Beacon Camera Club (BCC), a registered charity in the UK, will be final.

1.2 BCC cannot be held liable for the loss, misuse or non-entry of any Images or other material used in these events, no matter how this loss or damage may occur.

1.3 The Photographer of each Image will be credited with any use. The copyright of all images submitted will remain with the author of the image. It is a condition of entry that BCC reserves the right to use any submitted image for competition purposes and for the future promotion of similar competitions.

2. Eligibility of Photographer

2.1 The competition is open to amateur photographers only from any country. 'Amateur' implies an income of less than GBP 5,000 per annum from sales of photographic work, output or services.

3. Eligibility of Images

3.1 Images must be entirely the work of the entrant. Composite images are NOT permitted. Entries may be processed by way of cropping; monochrome conversion; modification of contrast/brightness and colour balance; dust-spot removal etc., but any editing which alters the truth of an image is not allowed. Winners will be asked to provide RAW originals of images to verify their entries prior to assignment of prizes.

3.2 An Image will be disqualified if it shows on screen any of the image title, or details which may be used to identify the Photographer.

3.3 The judge(s) will award prizes as announced. His/her/their decision will be final.

4. Entries

4.1 All entries must be made on-line using the BCC entry system accessible via the BCC website at

4.2 Entrants must register to use the system, pay the appropriate fee per image and must submit the entry between before midnight GMT on 30th June 2018.

5. Image File Format, Size and Projection

5.1 Image files must be in 8 bit jpeg format, in RGB mode (for both colour and monochrome) and in the sRGB colour space. The DPI or PPI number is not important for projection purposes.

5.2 The maximum Image dimensions are 1920 pixels horizontal by 1200 pixels vertical. (Note: NOT 1920 pixels vertical). Image files with larger pixel dimensions than these limits, and any Image files larger than 5MB will not upload.

5.3 Winners and runners up will be asked to provide high resolution versions of their images for print publication in the photographic press.

5.4 Images will be projected for judging and audience viewing on a calibrated and profiled Canon WUX10 Mk2 projector.

6. Results

6.1 The results will be published by e-mail; online via the club's website and by publication in an unspecified number of photographic periodicals via the web and hard copy.

7. Prizes

7.1 Prizes are as announced prior to the competition. Stated monetary values of prizes are approximate and any winner outside the UK will be responsible for any taxes or duties which become payable upon import of a prize to their country. Runner-up discount vouchers will be valid for purchases from the UK Lumix on-line store only. Prizes will be as stated and a cash alternative is not available.