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This is our pProgramme calendar - every one of the 100+ club activities is listed here. The new format is a 'live' view of the central calendar used by all BCC group organisers and - assuming that they do their jobs(!) - therefore may be relied upon for accuracy. Please note that changes will be posted here only!!!

You can choose the view (week, 12 week, month, full list) that suits your need, using the selector top-right of the calendar. Narrow your selection of events by clicking on the 'eye' on the right of each coloured filter bar on the left. Also, you can print a list of events after clicking the menu icon to the right of the view selector. You can select any, some or all of the group activities that interest you and view or print them.

Hover your mouse over an event to get a short summary, click on it to read the full details.

AND you can now request notification by email if any event changes in some way - choose 'notifications' under the menu icon, top right of the calendar. Enter your email address, choose what changes you'd like to know about and remember to click 'save' when finished!

Also there's a smartphone/tablet app which will link to it - there's a PDF here which gives details of that, plus more info about calendar functions.

This season, the usual printed programme booklet will NOT be produced, simply on the grounds of the cost and effort needed to collate, compose and print it - especially when you consider that it could well be out of date soon after printing. This web calendar will contain lots of detail and you should rely only upon this as the definitve source of information about club activites.

(If this is all too much for you, ask a question or leave a comment on the forum!)

The Beginners' and Improvers' group meets on the 2nd Monday each month
throughout the year except for August at The Vale CC - dates and topics are in the main calendar.

Visitors' trial nights VISITORS PLEASE NOTE!!! 'Trial nights' - you can pay £3 (plus any advertised charge for the night) to 'try before you buy'.

The programme displayed here is a 'live' view of our database and can change without notice! To be sure of receiving updates as they happen, sign up for email notifications, or install the app on your smartphone/tablet/PC as decribed above.

We are grateful to www.teamup.com for their kind support of our efforts. If you want a web-based, shared, calendar system you should try them.

Caveat - we do not accept responsibilty for last minute changes which might become necessary due to circumstances beyond our control.