Open 6 DPI webinar

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Open 6 DPI webinar

Postby CliffM » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:42 pm

Open 6 DPI competition (now a DPI comp not a Print comp) - will count toward the consistency awards.

Upload date: 16/4/2020
Comp date: 30/4/2020

Please upload your images in the normal way. After the upload date the images will be available for preview on the forum gallery..
The competition is going to be conducted as a webinar using the zoom software. You will be given an invite by email with the web-link. Click on the link, you’ll then be able to access and take part in the webinar.
Those who will be using their smartphone will have to download the app:

Scorers have been appointed and they will send their scores to me. I'lll then collate those scores and read them out on the competition night in the normal way.
We have asked the judge if he will critique the images live during the webinar. If not we have a backup plan.
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