Adobe Lightroom Users?

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Adobe Lightroom Users?

Postby paulr » Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:25 am

To all those who use Adobe Lightroom

Assuming you have updated to the very latest update 8.2 which apparently only works for Window 10 users and NOT Windows 7.0

I've just tried out this New feature called "Enhance Details" and to be perfectly honest I can't really see what if anything it's doing? Ok a few pixel might change but you have to be zoomed in to well over 100% to see and difference? Now whether this would show up on the print? I don't know as I've not got that far.

I have been making steps towards updating my main Desktop to Windows 10 (Purchase and installed of a second SSD Drive and got a Windows 10 Pro Licence) but having tried this out on my Windows 10 laptop first I don't really know if it's worth the bother TBH.

Unless some really must have feature is realised I think I'm sticking with Windows 7.0 for the time being.

Ok the Adobe software does still update to the latest version on Windows 7.0, it's just if you try to use this new feature "Enhance Details" you just get a message telling you to upgrade your OS :-(

I wonder how much of a back hander Microsoft are getting for this from Adobe?

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